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Upsers login – Would you want to go to the UUpsers login page? You are in the proper location if this is the case. Read the page once again for more information.

Introduction to Upsers login

UPSers is an HRM portal which has been created for the employees of UPS Logistics Company which is the largest package delivery chain in the United States.

This portal is exclusive and only restricted to the employees working with the UPS Organisation. With the assistance of this portal, the members of UPS organizations can get access to a variety of services such as getting payroll information, raising tickets, request leaves, management of employee benefits, and all other facilities provided by the ups to their employees.

Each and every employee of UPS is offered an exclusive username and password to get access to the UPSers Dashboard. All the employees whether they are active and inactive employees who are having IGEMS Employee ID can get access to their account by logging in at the Upsers portal.

Who is eligible to use Upsers portal?

Upsers login

  • All UPS Active and Inactive Employees in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and retired employees The Official Website.
  • All UPS employees who have been provided with their IGEMS Employee ID.

Login process at the Upsers portal

In case you are already having an account with the Upsers, then you can easily get access to it by logging in to your account at the official portal of Upsers. You can have a look at the steps mentioned below in order to login without any difficulty.

  • First of all, you will be required to visit the official website of upsers on any of your electronic devices having a good internet connection.
  • Then,you will need to select the language according to the level of your comfortability.
  • After that, you will be required to enter your USER ID and Password.
  • Then, by clicking on the “login” button, you will get access to your account.
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(Note:- make sure that you have entered the correct user id and password).

Registration process at Upsers login

In case you are new to upsers and have no information concerning the user details, then you can create a new account by following the below mentioned steps which are quite easy and straightforward.

  • First of all, you will be required to visit the official website of upsers on any of your electronic devices having a good internet connection at the web address of
  • Then, you will be required to jump to the “New User ID and PIN” Section by scrolling down a little.
  • Then you will need to enter some information such as

–your employee type,

–your enroll Date,

–your last Name,

–your date of birth,

–your employee ID”, etc.

  • After the successful submission of the details mentioned above, a unique PIN will be displayed to you on the portal.
  • You will need to note down the User ID and PIN as these credentials will be used for logging in to your account.
  • After the successful generation of the User ID and PIN, you will be able to create an account at UPSers.
  • After that, you will be required to have a visit at
  • Then, you will have to select your preferable language.
  • After selecting the language, you will be entering your USER ID and PIN as Password (Which you have generated in the earlier steps). [Note:- This PIN can only be used once as a password].
  • Then, you will need to click on the “login” button.
  • After that you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the portal.
  • Then, you will be providing your personal working email address and ID.
  • Then, after selecting the challenge questions and providing answers to them, you will be able to create your password.
  • By creating a strong password you will be able to get access to your new account.
  • After this you will always be able to login by providing your registered email address and password.
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Note:- You will be provided with three attempts in order to get logged in to your account but if you fail to submit the valid/correct details (i.e your user ID and Password) on the third attempt, then you will get locked out of the system for the next 15 minutes.

How to reset password at UPSers login portal?

If you are an existing user of upsers and cannot recall your account password, then you can reset by following the below mentioned steps.

  • First of all, you will be required to visit the official website of upsers on any of your electronic devices having a good internet connection at the web address of
  • Then, you will be clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” option at the bottom of the webpage.
  • After that, you will be required to enter the User ID and click on the “submit” button.
  • Then, you will be asked about the challenge questions that were created by you at the time of registration.
  • You will be required to provide the exact answers otherwise you will be locked out of the system in case you make an unsuccessful attempt for the third time.

(Note:- you may be required to contact Technical Help Depart in order to get unlocked out of the system).

Why Should Ups Employees Sign up for Upsers?

If you are an employee of a UPS organization, then there are a number of reasons why you should prefer upsers.

In the ancient times, electronic devices such as computers, laptops, etc were not in use due to which the management of the employee database was a big problem and there were other problems also faced by the organization such as correcting the payrolls, raising tickets to hr and many others.

And all these things were physical in nature, which means that one has to manually fix appointments and meet up with the managers/hr and explain the issues with them.

In this manual system, there was also an existence of biased opinions & solutions which may be interpersonal and not transparent with the high officials of the organization.

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Thus, it was quite difficult to raise doubts on personal training, manage the worksheet, add extra hours of work, and communicate with any required departments.

But it is no more a problem owing to the Upsers login as it offers numerous benefits which are as follows:

  • Payslip information: with the assistance of this portal, the employees can stay up to date with their monthly and yearly insights on payslips such as gross pay, deductions and net pay.

Besides this, they can get information related to their loan balance, personal fund savings, etc. They can keep a copy of all this information by downloading all these statements in pdf or excel format.

  • Managing Leaves, shifts & attendance: Being an employer, you can easily manage to raise leaves and check the grant status and you get the insights on casual, earned, privilege leaves features.

You can also get access to the information such as possibilities to manage time shifts with your colleagues by swapping mutually with the hr permission.

Moreover, you can get statistical data of your attendance. In case you have worked late hours or planned to early checkout you can mention it there along with the reason.

  • Employee On-Boarding: with the assistance of Upsers login portal, you can also control your personal details by making use of the onboarding feature.

You have the access to update your status, communicate with HR and other colleagues. Moreover,you can post your opinions and ask questions about the community, etc.

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