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RateFD.com – Welcome to www.ratefd.com/ Family Dollar Survey / get a chance to WIN A $100 FAMILY DOLLAR GIFT CARD It is a well known fact that nowadays as we are going digital, the companies have also started making use of the digital platforms to connect with their clients which is convenient for both the customers and the companies.

Today we can see a well known company named as Family Dollar has designed its www.ratefd.com survey which can be completed in a few minutes. Moreover just by dedicating a few minutes to this survey, the participants will get a chance to win a $100 Family Dollar Gift Card.

About the survey


The official website The Family Dollar Customer Satisfaction Survey on www.ratefd.com is an online survey which has been designed by Family Dollar which provides its customers with an opportunity to give their feedback on services and products offered by the store. The official website company makes use of this valuable information to keep its services and products up to date. This survey is done completely online, which permits you to take it at your comfort level, anytime, anywhere.

About RateFD.com Survey

Family Dollar Stores is an American based chain of stores. It has more than 8,000 locations in all of the states except Alaska and Hawaii. Earlier it was the second largest retailer in the United States, however in 2015, the company was taken over by Dollar Tree. The headquarters operations were moved from Matthews, a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, to Chesapeake, Virginia, located in South Hampton Roads.

It provides its clients with a compelling assortment of merchandise for the whole family. At the Family Dollar stores you can easily get high quality household cleaners, food, health and beauty aids, toys, apparel, home fashions, etc at affordable prices.

Rules of the Family Dollar Survey

There are some basic rules that you need to follow in order to participate in this survey and get a chance You must be at least 18 years old.

(Note:- In case of Korea, you will need to have a minimum age of 20 years in order to use the survey).

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You must be a legal resident of 50 United States, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Denmark, The Republic of Ireland or Korea.

You will not be permitted to make any entry on the behalf of any other party or person.

Only one entry will be permitted per person per day.

The survey prize is non transferable.

In case you are an employee at Family Dollar, then you will not be allowed to take the survey.

Requirements of the RateFD.com survey

Along with some basic rules of the survey that have been mentioned above there are also some requirements that you need to fulfill which are as follows:You will also be required to have an electronic device such as a laptop, computer, iPad, smartphone, etc.

Along with an electronic device you will also be required to have a good internet connection in order to avoid any kind of technical interruption from your side.

You will also need to have a basic knowledge of either the English or Spanish language.

You will be required to have 6-7 minutes to complete the survey.

You will need to recall your experience in order to provide the survey with candid feedback.

Restrictions to the Family Dollar survey

Only those will be allowed to take the survey who are at least 18 years old.

Only the legal residents of 50 United States, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Denmark, The Republic of Ireland or Korea have the access to take the survey.

The survey is not for the employees of Family Dollar.

Only those can get access to the survey portal who are able to understand either the English or Spanish language.

You will be allowed to take the server only if you can dedicate 6 to 7 minutes to the survey.

RateFD.com Survey method(s)

If you wish to share your viewpoints via the USPS survey, then you can follow the online method as the only method to the entry of this survey is online.

Family Dollar Survey process

You may have a look at the below mentioned steps if you wish to take the Family Dollar customer satisfaction survey smoothly without any issue.

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First of all, you will need to make a purchase at Family Dollar.

You will need to keep its receipt safely and carefully with you.

Then, you will be visiting the official website of the Family Dollar customer satisfaction survey on the web address of www.ratefd.com on the browser of any of your electronic devices having access to the internet.

Then, on the portal, you will be required to select the language in accordance with the level of your understanding. You will be able to choose either the English or Spanish language.

Then, you will be required to provide the portal with a unique 15-18 digit code that will be printed on your receipt.

Then, you will be clicking on the “next” button.

After this your survey questions will be started the survey will ask you the below mentioned questions and you will be required to answer all of them in the form of rating.

Then, the portal will ask you to enter your age.

It will ask how often you visit Family Dollar?

Then, you will need to rate your overall satisfaction rate on the scale from 1-10. Along with it the portal will also ask you to write your feedback on how your satisfaction level can be enhanced.

Then, some questions will be whether you will visit family dollar then next time or not, whether you liked its items and whether you prefer Family Dollar over other stores?

Then, you will be asked about the cleanliness of the store.

After this, the questions will be concerning the products, their packaging, their prices and availability.

Then, you will be asked about the friendliness of employees.

Next question will be about checkout(was it speedy or time consuming).

Next question will be whether you are greeted properly or not?

Then you will be asked whether the employees were using their cell phones during their duty?, whether they were wearing the family dollar t-shirt or not? and was the cashier completely focused on his/her work?

Then, the question will be related to the use of coupons, whether you used any coupon at the store or not?

Then you will be asked whether you have downloaded the family dollar mobile application or not?

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At the end you will be asked whether you can provide the portal with some of your details.

After clicking on the yes it will ask you a few details such as your gender, yearly income, government benefits, etc. (If you do not wish to answer these questions you can click on the “prefer not to say” option, thus it is not a compulsion).

Then you will be asked whether you wish to enter in the sweepstakes and receive information about the coupons and other Family Dollar offers.

By clicking on “yes”, you will be providing the portal with your first name, last name, a valid email address and contact details.

By this your survey will be completed and you will get entry into the sweepstakes which will give you a chance to win a $100 Family Dollar Gift card.

Customer service

In case you face any kind of issues concerning the Family Dollar survey then you can get in touch with its customer service center by making use of the below mentioned contact details.

Family Dollar Customer Service

Contact Number: 1 (844) 636-7687

: 1 (866) 377-6420

You can even write a letter to them on the address given below:-

Mailing Address: Executive Offices

Post Office Box 1017

Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-101


For any kind of General information regarding families dollar you can visit its official website on the web address mentioned below:https://www.familydollar.com/


Since Family Dollar is a well known chain of stores offering a wide variety of products, you can keep your expectations higher towards it as it has designed this exclusive feedback survey that gives you a chance to win a $100 Family Dollar gift card. By taking this survey you can get an enhanced experience the next time.

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Introduction to the Family Dollar

Rules of the survey

Requirements of the survey

Restrictions to the survey

Survey mode and its process

Customer service



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