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Paycheckrecords – Possible goal of your search is the official Paycheckrecords login page. If so, you’ve found the proper place. For further details, read the remainder of the page.

Introduction to the Paycheckrecords portal

Paycheckrecords is an online platform. Its official website is

It permits each of the representatives to verify payroll in the same manner as the person who officially obliges governments. It is a completely safe and secure online platform, with the assistance of which you can open, view, and print the most recent payment receipts.

With the assistance of Paycheckrecords, the employees can effortlessly view and print their pay stubs at any time preferably within seconds.

Paycheckrecords is also popularly known as Intuit Paycheck Records, where the employees can sign in to their respective employee accounts in order to stay connected to their employer. After completing the signing in process at this portal, the user can have full access to his/her account.

When a company effectively uses human resource management software, an employee’s Paycheckrecords begin with the premier entry of that employee’s paycheck. In most of the systems, the time and attendance, and participation operates automatically and sends details to the accounting system. Thus, it is important for an employer to get access to review and approve them. When Paycheckrecords need to be deleted, it can be done with just a few clicks within seconds.

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Now, What are paycheck records?


Paycheck records which are also known as payroll records or pay records, are basically a documentation of employee compensation (wages, timecards, time schedules, time off, bonuses, benefit payments, etc.) that employers must retain.

Do you know what paycheck records are employers required to keep?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) employers must maintain the following records for each nonexempt worker: Employee’s identifying information: this includes full name, Social Security number, address (including ZIP code), birthdate (if younger than 19 years old), sex and occupation.

Employee’s hours: this includes the timings and days of week when the employee’s work week begins, the hours they work each day, and their total number of hours for each workweek.

Employee’s wages and earnings: this includes the basis on which employee’s wages are paid (e.g., per hour, per week, piecework), regular hourly pay rate, total daily or weekly straight-time earnings, total overtime earnings for the workweek, and all additions to or deductions from the employee’s wages Employee’s pay periods: this include the total wages paid each pay period, date of payment, and the period covered by the payment.

Features of Paycheckrecords

At, the QuickBooks Online make use of the same approach as online banks and businesses use in order to transfer individual data over the Internet. In order to keep two copies of your data, Intuit creates a reliable backup of your current information in the payment history connection.

It is stored on replicated servers that are safeguarded by firewalls so that your report is safe from regrets, programmers, and fraudulent practices.

There is no need for account registration again and again, but the employees must update the Paycheckrecords portal daily with work-related updates.

Use of Paycheckrecords reduces the chances of errors and enables an easy flow of data and information that can be trusted and re-used. This system has a well maintained structure to enable deductions and payments that are automatically set in the record to be used to calculate salaries/wages.

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What are the services provided by Paycheckrecords?

QuickBooks Online – It is basically a private online corporate accounting and money management solution which is available in EasyStart, Essentials, and Plus formats.

Intuit GoPayment :- Here you can make or receive payments on your smartphone in case of any kind of emergency.

Now, Do you know that you can get access to your Paycheckrecords with a few clicks?

You can get access to the below mentioned things at Paycheckrecords.

login to your account as administrator/employer.

View employees.

Make a selection of the employee’s name from the list.

View payment receipt online.

Login process at Paycheckrecords

In order to login to your account at Paycheckrecords you need to have a look at the below mentioned steps.

First of all, visit the official Paycheckrecords register website.

In the second step, you will be able to see an option that says“Do you already have a Workforce account?” on the website.

You will be required to click on that option and you will be directed to the foremost login page of the portal Then, you will be submitting your email address or your username and your password.

In the final process, you will be needed to click on the green option that says “login”.

After this you will be successfully logged in to your respective account.

How to reset password at Paycheckrecords?

Now, in case you are not able to recall your password which is mandatory to get access to your account at Paycheckrecords. Then, you just need to follow the below mentioned simple steps.

Firstly,visit the official website of Paycheckrecords that is

After this, go to the forgot password option and provide the portal with your registered email address for the Paycheckrecords Login account.

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Then, you will need to specify your user ID.

Then, you will be clicking on the “Next” option.

Then, you will be required to click on the option “Send an email”

After that, you will receive an email with a link with which you will be able to reset your password without any issue or any cumbersome process.

Benefits of being a user of the portal of Paycheckrecords

First of all, it enables the employees to view their time off to request vacation or a sick leave.

The employees can also view and print payment receipts online with the assistance of Paycheckrecords.

They can also check their taxes and other information online, anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, being an employee they can access their W-2 and even download an electronic copy.

Things to keep in mind before making use of Paycheckrecords

There are many things concerned with the Paycheckrecords process. For instance, the provisions need to save payroll. One can keep paper documents or electronic files of employee documents such as time cards, working hours, etc for a minimum of 2 years. These Paycheckrecords must be available for the inspection by government officials upon request.

Remember that you must keep all Paycheckrecords safe and secure. You must keep all of these records separate from other business records. Know the overall accuracy of all categories of data, such as the employee’s address, title, pay rate, etc.

In case you are having queries then you can contact them at the Paycheckrecords Customer Support Number: 1 (800) 446-8848 Intuit Community and Support Hotline: 1-800-446-8848

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