– Take Panda Express Survey – Welcome to the Panda Express Survey website at the official website. This survey’s objective is to make sure that standards and quality fulfill client demands.

Customers that complete the Panda Express survey are given coupons that may be used on their subsequent visit.

Introduction to

Panda Express is a very fast growing chain of restaurants which provides American Chinese cuisine. It was established in the United States of America and it is one of the major Asian restaurant chains in the United States of America. It is also located in North America, Asia and other places.

Initially the restaurants affiliated with Panda Express were located in shopping malls being small food courts, but since some time the chain has expanded so much and even it is expanding more so its departments have also been established in airports, universities, casinos, amusement parks, military bases, and other sites.

The Panda Express is well known for providing mouth-watering Chinese cuisine-inspired dishes. Some of the famous dishes offered by the Panda Express are Firecracker Chicken Breast, Orange Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, etc.

One of the best things about the Panda Express is that it offers combo meals to its customers in accordance with their wishes. The combo meals are fried rice, chowmein, steamed rice, mixed vegetables, etc.


The Official Website Panda Express has commenced the running of its Guest survey for the purpose of acquiring the feelings of its customers about its food, services, etc offered.

Guest survey is really important in light of the fact that it provides the advertisers and entrepreneurs with a way by which they can understand the needs of their clients and they can make improvements in accordance.

Panda Express Guest Survey provides you with an opportunity to share your viewpoints. The organization needs your input to improve its level of understanding regarding the enhancements. One of the essential objectives of a business is to draw in new clients and ensure that the current customers are satisfied with the service offered. In that way, irrespective of whether clients are happy with the services offered or not, equal importance is given to all the viewpoints.

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Advantages of Panda Guest Survey

There are numerous advantages of Panda Express Survey to both the Panda Express restaurants and its customers which are as follows.

Panda Express survey enhances Services:- The Panda Express guest survey can provide assistance to enhance an item or service. Getting opinions from the customers is the best way to get to know about the services and improve them accordingly.

Panda Express Survey measures customer’s satisfaction:- The survey enables the company to get to know the level of satisfaction that its clients have received through the services offered. Moreover, customer fulfillment encourages the company to decide whether its item or service meets the desires of its customer or not.

Panda Express Survey improves Customer Experience:- One of the most important reasons for the establishment of Panda Express guest survey is that it helps in the enhancement of customer experience.

In today’s challenging world, the way toward winning new business along with holding existing customers is getting more and more difficult but getting viewpoints directly from the clients helps the business to keep enhancing and make its clients more and more satisfied.

Thus, in order to make an astounding experience, the customers are asked to fill out the survey form so that they can get a predictable, customized and memorable experience, the next time. The company tries to make an experience that is best for the guests.

By this they will become regulars who turn faithful and come back again and again. One of the reasons for Panda Express to become successful is its customer service and not because of random guesses. This Panda Express guest survey further assists to target regions that need improvement.

Requirements of Panda Express Guest Survey

In order to get access to the Panda Express survey and share your viewpoints based on your last visit, you will be required to fulfill some of the requirements which are as follows.

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First of all, you will be required to ensure that you keep the receipt to get a Panda Express survey recovery code for finishing the Panda Express guest survey.

You will also be required to have any of the electronic devices such as laptop, computer, smartphone, iPad, etc.

Along with one electronic device you will also need to have a good internet connection in order to prevent any kind of technical interruption.

Process to share your opinions at the Panda Express Survey

Now if you want to share your viewpoints with the Panda Express regarding the service that was offered to you on your last visit, then you can do so in two methods.

Online method:- in the online method, you will be required to visit the official website of the Panda Express survey.

By Phone:- the other way to share your opinion with the Panda Express is by phone.

Both of the above mentioned methods are explained below in detail.

By phone:

In case you are unable to fill in the panda express survey onlinet, you can also give Panda Express Feedback by phone.

Follow these guidelines:

First of all you will need to call at 1-888-51-panda (72632).

Once you make a call, you will be asked to verify your access by providing information in the receipt.

After this, you will be asked the investigation question.

You will need to give your feedback by providing the answers to the questions received by you.

Then, after the successful completion of the survey, you will be getting the panda express coupon code.

You must write it down on the receipt so that it can be exchanged at the next visit.

Online survey process

Firstly, you will be required to make a purchase as it is necessary to participate in the Panda Express survey.

Then, you will also need to save your panda express survey receipt.

Secondly, you will be required to visit the panda express feedback portal.

There, you will be required to enter the 22-digit Panda Express survey code which you will be able to see on your receipt.

Then you will be clicking on the following button.

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After this, you will be required to answer the questions which are asked in the Panda Express survey.

Then, you will receive a panda express survey validation code on the screen at the end of the free entry survey.

You must write down the respective validation code on the backside of the panda express receipt so that you can later take the receipt with the validation code to the Panda Express Store.

By this you can also get from the panda express feedback free entree offer.

Basic details of the survey

Survey Website: Www.Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback.

Necessary to make an entry.

Entry can be done online or by phone.

One must be 18 years & above to get access to the portal.

No limit for the survey entry.

Purchase receipt will last for 2 days.


PandaExpress Feedback Rules

In order to participate in the Panda Express Survey, you must follow some rules. Thus, you may have a look at all the rules mentioned below before taking the Panda Express Customer Survey.

To take the Pandaexpress/feedback, a purchase is necessary.

Panda express’s survey receipt code is valid for two days, i.e., you must complete the survey within two days of getting the receipt.

You must be 18 & or more.

There is only a single coupon per purchase per person.

You can participate in the Panda Survey as many times as you want.

No cash is granted for the survey prize.

Moreover, to have a panda express free entry item, you need the receipt to redeem it.

Contact details:

On case you are having any kind of trouble while making use of the Panda Express survey portal or while the phone survey process, then you can get in touch with its customer service by calling on the phone number mentioned below.

Panda Express Survey Phone Number: 1-800-877-8988 or 626-799-9898.

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