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Introduction to Onevanilla

OneVanilla is a straightforward, secure and quite convenient way to make bill payments online.

OneVanilla is a kind of Non-reloadable Gift Card that is the perfect prepaid card for your day-to-day spending all over the nation.

The Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card is a type of prepaid gift card which is quick and easy to use. Moreover it is more secure as compared to cash and more flexible than gift certificates and single merchant gift cards.

One vanilla gift card is a popularly known gift card which is widely accepted at local stores and even online platforms. There is another brand of this card that is not a gift card but a kind of debit card.

Both the cards , the One vanilla gift card and the One vanilla debit card differ from each other in appearance, functionality, and ease of use.

But both of these cards are redeemable at any store where they accept Visa debit cards, Discover, and Debit Mastercard.

One Vanilla gift card is not actually a credit card but a prepaid card. Therefore, purchasing it requires some form of paperwork and long processing.

In order to use a gift card, you do not even have to own a traditional bank account because gift cards are a substitute for storing funds other than making use of banks.

Once you get access to your One Vanilla gift card, you can visit any accepted conventional store or you can visit any online platform in order to make payments for the products and services.

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Now, who is the operator of this unique Onevanilla Gift card?


The Incomm Financial service is the issuer and comtroller of this One Vanilla gift card. The Official Website It provides various financial products and services in order to deliver numerous payment solutions to make financial transactions in a more easier and speedy manner.

They provide a wide range of services from general reloadable cards to interest budgeting and bills payments options.

These services assist its customers to budget well on their income and easily offset their everyday expenses in the ways they want them.

There are a variety of other card services provided by Incomm Financial Services. These services include MyVanilla card, AMEX Serve card, VanillaDirect, SecureSpend, Bluebird, AMEX Business card, and more.

You will get these cards available at numerous stores online and even traditionally across and beyond the United States.

Features of Onevanilla

There are various features of Onevanilla which are mentioned below.

  • It is reloadable.
  • No need of personal details:- In case you are making use of Onevanilla then, there is no requirement to provide any kind of your personal information. Thus, it ensures that your private information is protected.
  • A speedy process:- In case of other cards, it may take so long to get a card and make use of it for paying bills, etc but it is not the same with Onevanilla. As here your card will be ready to use immediately.
  • No credit check:- when you are using Onevanilla then you do not require any kind of credit check.
  • No fees after purchase:- you don’t have to pay any kind of fee after your purchases if you make payments using Onevanilla.
  • It is safer than cash:- As mentioned above, Onevanilla is a speedy process and quite safer than cash.
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Advantages of being a part of Onevanilla

There are a number of reasons due to which you should be a part of Onevanilla which are as mentioned:-

Store-to-store permissibility:- You must have seen that many gift cards issued by Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, eBay, Steam, and many more are not acceptable at each and every store.

Unlike them, One vanilla has a wide range of acceptability across America and beyond. The utility of gift cards is usually particular to specific stores by which they are issued i.e.

Amazon gift cards can only purchase stuff on Amazon. However, One Vanilla makes itself unique in this manner because it is not issued by a retail store but a financial payment service company.

Users are at liberty to use their cards at stores and outlets where they accept regular prepaid cards.

Expiration: Another advantage of One Vanilla gift cards is that there is no expiry to these cards. This unique excellent feature makes the cards an amazing store of value for both long and short periods.

Purchasers do not have to worry about whether their card will expire if they use or do not use it. Even in case the amount purchased has been exhausted on products and services, the card will remain active and ready to use. You can also make use of it in case there is a need for the customer to return a product.

No additional charges: One Vanilla gift card does not demand any kind of additional fees like MyVanilla card and other prepaid cards. There is no monthly charge, card use charge, or charge of maintenance required for the card. The total preloaded amount is available for the user to purchase anything to the last penny i.e. if you get a $500 card, you have $500 to spend on whatever you wish to spend it on.

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Discount acquisition: In case you are a citizen of the United States and you are above the age of 18 years,then you can make use of your One Vanilla card in order to make a discount purchase.

Information solitude: Unlike other credit cards, the customer’s personal credentials remain private as if you want to make use of One vanilla gift card, then it does not require any customer’s information upon the card issuance.

Regular credit cards require customers to provide them with some paperwork and fill some forms before the card can be issued which is quite a cumbersome process. However, this is not the case for this gift card. This feature makes it easy to make purchases and easy to give gifts to friends and your loved ones.

How to check Card balance at Onevanilla?

Now, in case you want to check the available balance in your card then you can do so by either visiting the Online portal or by directly calling their customer support line which is available 24/7.

Call 1-877-770-6408 to get customer support service.

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