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Introduction to The Home Depot

The Home Depot Inc. can be simply named as Home Depot which is an American multinational retail corporation concerned with home improvements. It sells tools, construction products, etc and provides other services such as fuel and transportation rentals, etc.

It is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States.

The headquarters of the company are in Georgia, with a mailing address of Atlanta.

It is responsible for the operation of a number of big-box format stores across the United States.

The world famous MRO company Interline Brands (which is now known as The Home Depot Pro) is also operated by The Home Depot.

The Home Depot is also involved in a number of controversies which are mainly concerned with the involvement of the safety and reliability of the consumers.

The Home Depot is concerned with business related to home improvements and their main objective is to supply the top-level service, the widest range of selection of products along with the most competitive prices.

The mobile application for Home Depot employees is :-workforce tools.

Advantages of being an employee at The HomeDepot


Employee benefits:

All the employees i.e the new ones, old ones, full-time and part time employees can have access to The MyTHDHR portal.

With the assistance of this portal, the employees can view a lot of things anytime, anywhere. The Official Website These things include their job performance, salary plans, and work management, etc.

Moreover at this portal the employees are free to manage their profile i.e they can update their personal data, etc.

They can also find their work report at the site.

Medical Benefits:

The MyTHDHR also provides some health related benefits. Some of its medical benefits are mentioned in detail that are as follows:

Dental and visual assistance

In case you are a disabled person, you can get access to your disability insurance.

Along with your employment at The Home Depot you also get a life insurance plan.

Besides life insurance and disability insurance you also get Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance which is for both you and your family.

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Financial BenBenefits:-

The organization provides a variety of financial advantages such as Banking and direct deposit incentives which enables you to make payments and transactions in an easy and speedy manner.

Off-Time Benefits:

A large number of Holidays and stays are provided by The Home Depot to its employees in accordance with their personal requirements.

You can also receive permission for your vacations, sickness, etc at the official website of the organization.

Moreover it offers free domestic tours every 5 years.

Life Benefits:

Home Depot is concerned about its employees. Thus it provides them with various benefits such as:-Refundment of your tuition fees in case you are studying.

-Assistance in settlement in case you just moved to the city.

-volunteer events for team members to coordinate and build good connections with other employees.

– Member discounts offered at all stores of Home Depot. You can also access coupons at the official portal of The Home Depot.

-Support in your professional development project as long as needed and many more.

Now, What is the Live The Orange Life Program?

The company The Home Depot had become one of the leading employers. Thus in order to build customer loyalty The company started following a strategy known as Live The orange life.

The orange life has basically three levels:-

  1. MyPlan: At Home Depot, you are required to make a plan for your upcoming job.
  2. MyBrand: You will be required to show what it takes, they give you the advice to look good on paper and in networks.
  3. MyChance: This is a kind of golden opportunity which can make you beam.

What is MyTHDHR?

MyTHDHR is The Home Depot’s portal available to its employees. The official website of MyTHDHR is

The employees of The Home Depot can make use of the website in order to have a look at their schedules and manage them easily and quickly, view their payroll, and get access to the company news in order to stay updated always. The MyTHDHR login permits the employees to manage the benefits of being a part of The Home Depot online.

But to make this portal advantageous you are required to log into Home Depot’s MyTHDHR (Home Depot Associate Login) system in order to get access to all the benefits of The Home Depot.

Home Depot employees can also make use of the MyTHDHR portal to view and request sales hours. It consists of administration, as well as positions within the company and positions outside the store.

The MyTHDHR online portal has a wide range of sections with the assistance of which you can view and access the important details concerned with your work.

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In order to keep the employees encouraged and ambitious in nature, The Home Depot has established this web portal (

Steps to get registered to MyTHDHR

If you want to get all the advantages, then you will first have to create an online account at the official portal.

In order to get yourself registered you need to open the portal in any of your electronic devices which has access to a good internet connection.

You will be first clicking on the Kronos Time, Attendance, and Schedule options.

After this you will be able to view the feature named as, “Your Hours”.

Here, you will be required to choose a language with which you are comfortable from the list that will appear in front of you.

After successful selection of your prefered language, you will be entering the rating of your store.

After this you will see a register button.

Click on the register button

After that you’ll see that the site will ask you for your user name and password.

After entering the correct user name and password, you will get registered to MyTHDHR.

What if you are a new user?

If you are a new user then you will see a link that will say, “Are you a new user?” You will be required to click on that link.

After this you will be required to confirm your identity.

For this you need to enter the last 4 digits of the SSN and your date of birth.

Then you will be clicking on the “Next” option.

After that the portal will guide you and you will have to follow the process which will be mentioned.

(Note:- Once you get registered with your username and password, write them somewhere in a notebook or journal, etc for future reference).

How to change Or reset your password at MyTHDHR?

In case you are not able to recall your credentials required to sign in to the portal then you can follow the process mentioned below in order to recover your user name and password.

Go to the official website of MyTHDHR i.e and open the login page.

After that you will have to click on the option “I forgot my username/password”.

There you will be asked to enter your username or email address which you entered at the time of registration in the employee self-service login portal MyTHDHR.

After that, you will have to click on the submit option.

After successful submission of your registered username or email address you will get an email by MyTHDHR on your registered email id. In that email a link will be provided to you by which you will be able to change or reset your password.

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You will be required to click on that link and enter your new password.

Your password will be changed.

[In case you are unable to find the “Forgot Username” option, you can contact the human resources manager or the customer service.

You can contact the help desk at 1-866-698-4347 (1-866-MyTHDHR).

They will assist you in the recovery of your myTHDHR login password. Even if you have any other issue related to the portal they will help you out.

General Assistant – 1-800-555-4954 – HR Services – 1-866-(1-866-698-4347) –

Note:-You must contact them between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m Monday to Friday and for Sunday you can connect with them only between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What are the terms and conditions to use MyTHDHR?

You must have an electronic device such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You must have a good internet connection.

You must have a valid e-mail address.

There Are Many Services Offered for Your Convenience

MyTHDHR offers its employees many different services. Below we mention some of the services offered. Please check this: Pay

Employees self-service

Life Events

Diversity and Inclusions

Career Depot

Why Should You Use This Employee Portal?

Employees are an integral part of every part of the organization, as is the Home Depot team.

It currently employs about 385,000 people, making it the fifth-largest employer among companies on the S&P 500.

To keep employees motivated and competitive, Home Depot launched a web portal ( for employees to manage their information and stay in touch with company updates.

Why should you be a part of MyTHDHR?

It allows you to check your member’s profile.

It enables you to view and print pay stubs and other income statements along with their history.

You can update your tax withholdings at the site.

It allows you to register online in order to get your salary card. Or even you can activate it on the site itself.

You can edit your personal information.

It gives you the access to save or update your Homer Fund deduction.

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