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MyMorri – Are you trying to find the official website for the Morrisons login page? If so, you’ve arrived to the correct place. For more details, keep reading the page.

Introduction to Mymorri

MyMorri refers to an online portal which has been established by the Morrison supermarket company to provide assistance to its employees. With the aid of this portal the workers of morrisons Supermarket come to learn about their affairs associated with their professional work which includes number of hours for work per day, information related to their remuneration and other important information regarding employee welfare.

Besides demonstrating details regarding work to the Morrison employees, Mymorri also enables the owners, managers, etc to effortlessly regulate and modify the working hours and holidays of the employees as it is the responsibility of the owners and managers to update employee related information on the portal.

In short, MyMorri has been created in order to handle an extensive variety of issues related to its employees. This platform is responsible for maintaining a proper record of its employees, their schedules, etc.

After becoming a part of Mymorri portal, it becomes a straightforward and easy thing for the employees to view their vacation leaves, etc.

Now, What Do You Mean by Morrison?


Morrisons is prominent for providing online service of groceries which provides door to door delivery. It is quite convenient also. It is advantageous for the buyers who prefer online shopping as it offers low prices of goods to them within their respective zip codes.

You can simply order goods and services with the help of Mymorri by putting your username on the Mymorri portal.

MyMorri i.e an online Platform for Employees.

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It has become the fourth leading supermarket chain in the United Kingdom.

However, Morrisons has made this possible as they provide their customers with best offers and suggestions.

They provide speedy service and diversity in products to their customers. The Morrison Supermarkets are well-known by their trading name Morrisons. They provide both physical and online stores so that the customers can shop in accordance with their level of comfortability.

How Does Mymorri Work?

First of all, the employee is required to have a visit at the official website of Mymorri. After that the process of signing in needs to be completed. The platform has been created in such a manner that work is quite simple and straightforward to handle. Moreover whatever is needed by the employees is presented to them in a systematic and well-designed format. But to have access to Mymorri the employee is required to have the company’s email address as without the email address of the company the login process won’t be possible.

Process to Sign in to Mymorri

If you are new to Mymorri platform then you will first be required to register your account or create a new account.

In case you are already using the platform then you can directly visit the MyMorrisons page. There, by providing them with your old credentials you can login to the portal.

Steps to Create a New Account at Mymorri

You can visit the official portal that is by opening your web browser on any electronic device which has a good internet connection.

On the My Morri Login page, you will have to go to the registration link.

In order to make a username, you can make use of your Gmail account or any other username of 8 or more than 8 characters that contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Then, you will be required to fill in all your basic information which includes the following:Full name,

  • Password,
  • Your valid email address
  • Your organization name and
  • some other basic information

After following the above mentioned steps you will be making it sure that you are not a robot by clicking on the “I am not a robot” box which will be mentioned below your credentials.

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Then, after pressing the Register button, you will get registered on the MyMorri Portal.

You will receive an email of confirmation by the Mymorri after successful completion of your registration process.

Without getting registered, you cannot have access to the official MyMorri Login portal at

Services Provided by Morrisons

Now, we know that Morrisons are known for their supermarket chain but besides that they have enlarged their business to a great extent with the opening of the Morrisons Cafe.

This cafe is quite famous as it serves high-quality, delicious and freshly prepared meals throughout the day. You can find a variety of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well as sandwiches and salads with coffee, tea, pastries, and cakes for your family.

orrisons also provides some other important services such as carton services, dry clean services and many more. But the point to be noted is that these services are not provided in all regions of the UK. If you want to know whether these services are available in your region or not then you can provide them with your zip code after which you can see the number and types of services that are available in your area.

Pharmacy Services Provided by Morrisons

Morrison’s pharmacists always work to provide its customers with a better advice on the issues regarding their health which also included weight loss and control, assistance in quitting smoking and some health related tips such as healthy eating, personalized dieting, etc.

Moreover, if you have a prescription, then you also have the access to send your e-report to pharmacy store. This will save your time as you will not be required to physically visit the pharmacy store. Its pharmacy services also provide general health counseling on a variety of medical conditions, safe disposal of unwanted medications, advice on the use and dispensing of over-the-counter medications, etc.

How to Reset Your Password

In order to get started, you will have to visit the official website of Mymorri that is

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Then there will be an option“I FORGOT MY PASSWORD” at the foot of the page.

You will be required to click on it to continue the procedure.

Now you will be selecting your User ID or Employee Code.

Then after clicking the option of continue you will see easily get the instructions on your screen in order to change your password.

You are just required to follow them and your password will be updated.

Requirements to Become a Part of

If you want to get access to the official portal then there are some directives that you need to follow and some requirements that you must fulfill in order to access the official portal without having any trouble.

Terms and Conditions of Mymorri

They are the one who will be responsible for how your personal information will be handled.

The site may also collect your technical data such as browsing patterns, etc.

You can have a copy of your personal information from the portal. Although you don’t have to pay for it but you may asked to pay if your requests are unfounded or repetitive in nature.

Note:-You must agree to the terms of usage of MyMorri mentioned above in order to have access to it but in case you do not agree to the terms of use, you must not use the portal.

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