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What is a Milestone Card?

The Milestone card which is termed as Milestone Gold Mastercard as well, is a type of credit card which has been formed for people who have a little or no credit history or for those who have credit negatives.

This card is provided by the Bank of Missouri. The Genesis Financial Solutions is also considered responsible along with the Bank of Missouri for the supply of the MyMilestoneCard.

Genesis Financial Solutions is a company which provide financial services related to customer-centric. The company is responsible for providing assistance to the people with low credit scores so that they can grow their credit profiles and gain some scores.

It can also be said that it is a leading financial services company in the United States.

Introduction to Bank of Missouri


The Bank of Missouri was launched with the name of The Bank of Perryville.

Until 1902, This was the only Bank in Perry County, Missouri. In 1997, the name of the Bank of Perryville was replaced by the name, The Bank of Missouri. Now, the bank has more than 30 branches in Missouri, and billions in assets.

Now, what do you mean by Credit Card Activation at Milestone?

Milestone Credit Card Activation is a process in which your card is made ready to use for your purpose of purchases, etc.

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If you have newly became a credit card holder, then you’ll be required to activate it before making use of it. In order to activate the card you need to set a pin for it.

Steps to Activate Your Milestone Card

The very first process is that you are required to open your smart device like laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

After that make sure that you have a good internet connection in your electronic device.

Now, you are required to open the web browser on the smart device that you are using.

Now, for the registration you need to go to the homepage of Mymilestonecard:-

After scrolling down, you will be able to see a ‘Register’ option.

By clicking on that registration option your registration process will begin.

For this you will be asked to submit the following details.

  • Account number
  • Date of birth and
  • A social security number

By entering these credentials you will be able to open your account on Mymilestonecard.

How Can You Contact the Mymilestonecard?

You can contact mymilestonecard at the customer care number i.e 1-866-453-2636.

Note:- You can contact them only between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific time). The mymilestonecard customer service is available for 7 days a week.

Advantages of Mymilestonecard

If you are cautious regarding how much you charge and make sure that you are going to pay your bills within time , then having a milestone card will be advantageous for you as with the assistance of it you can build your credit.

Things to keep in mind before becoming a milestone card holder?

Reports to credit bureaus:- Being the issuer of the card, The Bank of Missouri has the right to report your payments to the credit bureaus which are mainly divided into three categories i.e Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

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Annual fee:- To be a part of mymilestonecard you need to make payment of an annual fee of $75 for the premier year and $99 after the first year.

Note:- you might get exclusive offers at credit karma.

The required yearly fee will be made from your credit line once your account is opened successfully.

Interest rate and penalty:- In Mymilestonecard, the facility of balance transfers is not available with the card. Thus in case you carry a balance, there is a possibility that interest charges could add up.

Moreover if you don’t make the payment on time,then a penalty could be charged.

Credit limit:- The minimum credit limit for the Milestonecard is economical as it is just $300.

With such a low limit of credit, you’ll be required to be aware of it’s use and not using too much of your available credit as your credit usage can effect your credit score.

Why Should You Become a Milestone Card Holder?

No requirement of a good credit history

Most of the credit cards made available for people works on the establishment of a solid credit history for which you need to provide some amount of cash deposits. This makes your card secure.

But as milestone card is an unsecured card, thus there is no requirement to put down a deposit.


You have the access to apply for prequalification for the Milestone. Moreover it’ll not affect your credit scores. It can assist you in the completion of a formal application.

Stay on Track

Being a member of Mymilestonecard enables you to stay on track by having access 24/7. You can have access to your balance, pending and completed transactions, statements.

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Moreover you can make or organize a payment whenever you want (24 hours,365 days a year).

Payments are Convenient and Secure

The other advantage of being a Mymilestonecard member is that it enables you to make payments with full assurance as your account is completely guarded with a fast-moving and a secured system.

AutoPay facility

It also provides you with an option of setting up Autopay. This feature of Mymilestonecard will make sure that your payments are done within the mentioned time each and every month. This will keep you away from the distress of making payments at time as it will automatically make them.

No effect on credits or grades:- it doesn’t effect your credits.

Select your favorite card:- it allows you to choose your preferred card design.

Online account:- it gives the cardholders with free access to an online account.

Updates:- you can update your account related credentials whenever you want.

Now, Who is Eligible to Be a Member at Mymilestonecard?

Qou must be 18 years or above of age old in order to apply for the card.

You must have a permanent address, a bank account, a US ID, and a social security number.

You must be able to fulfill your basic income requirements.

You cannot become a holder of any other credit Card at any other bank.

You will have to follow all the given guidelines and instructions.

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