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MyMerrill – Are you trying to find the official Merrill Lynch login page? If so, you’ve found the right page. For more details, read the complete post.

What is Merrill?

Merrill which is officially Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated is a division of Bank of America which was founded in January 6, 1914.

It is a division of American investment and wealth management.

Merrill includes the divisions namely Merrill Lynch wealth management which operates it’s wealth management business, Merrill private wealth management which focuses more on individual preferences and personalize ideas in accordance, Merrill guided investing which requires your personal information related to your investment in order to fulfill your investment goals and the last i.e Merrill edge which is an online trading platform with the ability to merge the Bank of America and various investment tools.

Merrill:- The Perfect Platform


Merrill is a perfect platform if you have a requirement of an experienced financial advisor who can provide you with proper guidance to make and implement a specific plan to accomplish your goals. Whether you need assistance for investing or selling a business, it can support you at each and every level and can provide you with the alternatives of services in case of both physical and online advising. This platform provides you with the opportunity to become a part of prime brokerage and broker-dealer activities.

Earlier it was branded as “Merrill Lynch” but in february 2019, The division was rebranded from “Merrill Lynch” to “Merrill” by the Bank of America.

Services Provided by Merrill

Online and mobile investing tools:- with the help of these tools, you can invest anytime and anywhere.

Access to Bank of America global research and insights:-You can have access to the global research platforms which will make it possible for you to stay always updated.

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Customizable trading platform:-It provides you with a platform where you can become a part of online trading.

Full range of stocks, mutual funds, etc:-You get access to a wide range of stocks, mutual funds and others to make your investment fast and easy.

Investment portfolios managed by Merrill professionals:- You have fully secured and updated investment portfolios which are managed by experts.

Formulation of financial goals by providing a beneficial investment strategy:-you get the assistance to make your investment strategy more profitable and advantageous.

Advisors who help you establish goals and determine your investment strategy:-it provides trained and professional advisors who help you to reach your financial goals.

A dedicated advisor team that offers a wide range of investing solutions:-at each and every stage of investments, you are being advised properly.

MyMerrill is a website for the clients of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

It provides online access to your account information and electronic services.

Now the Query is How to Become an Account Holder at Mymerrill?

For this you will have to provide a social security number, date of birth, valid mail and email addresses, work related information (such as company name, etc) and general monetary information such as your yearly remuneration.

1. Go to the site’s homepage located at the following url:

2. Select the category of account that you want to have from the drop down menu appearing at the upper right corner of the page. The options are: MyMerrill (US), Merrill Edge, ML Online International, ML Credit and Debit Cards (US), Benefits Online, and ML Bank Suisse, all the previous options are for Individuals.

Note:- For Small and Midsize Businesses the only available option is MyMerrill (US).

For institutions and corporations the options are: BofAML Mercury, BofAML Prime, and Benefits Online (Sponsors).

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Advantages of Having an Account at Mymerrill

Mymerril was earlier only a website which is now also available in the form of a mobile application also where you can have access to your bank account(s). In this app, with a single account, you have access to a lot of investment products and services namely fixed income, mutual funds, alternative investments, etc.

Moreover it enables you to manage day to day finances such as check writing, direct deposit, etc, anytime & anywhere.

It offers you a number of services such as personal banking, lending, investments, retirement and saving accounts, insurance, wealth planning, etc.

It includes a dashboard and accounts view where you have quick access to the details of your account and your connections with other account holders.

This mobile application allows you to manage your monetary life anytime, anywhere. You can get all of your account details with a single click.

Transfer Facilities

Cash transfers :- It allows you to transfer cash from a Bank of America or Merrill account. For this you’ll be required to link your account(s), and then use the online tool to enable it to make an instant transfer. In case you wish to transfer cash or some other securities from an account of some other financial institution, then A Funds Transfer Service form will be made available to you which you’ll have to fill.

Zelle:- A fast and easy way to request or send money to multiple users at one time.

Request a wire transfer:- It mainly refers to an immediate transfer between two institutions.

It may be international wire transfer or domestic wire transfer.

Most domestic transfers are processed within 24 hours whereas the international transfers take a few days for their completion. The exact number of days for the completion of international transfers depends on the country where the transfer has to be done. You can also move huge amounts of money. Though the limits depend upon the provider of the money transfer.

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The next feature includes spending and budgeting which provides you with a clear and comprehensive view of your income, spendings and budget. Moreover it gives you the potential to design your budget based on past actions and performances.

Now, let’s talk about another feature that is document scanning which allows you to scan your paper documents and send them securely.

There is a contact us page also in this application where you can contact your financial advisors. At the contact us page you have three options which are as follows:You can directly call the advisors.

You can send them messages.

You can scan your documents and circulate them within seconds.

Then comes our highlighted features in the menu which allows you to deposit cheques, manage paperless settings, pay bills, access expert research. Moreover, you can view your statements and documents, manage mobile alerts, and manage your credit cards.

If you need any information regarding the app or its features then it also provides you with an option “help”.

It also allows you to e-sign the documents, set an appointment and stay in touch with the advisor. Also, you can save your time and money by going paperless with the aid of MyMerrill as you can check your statements, reports, certificates, notices and many other essential documents online without using the mail system.

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