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Since recent times, you can see an incline in health related issues whether they are physical or mental, for which multiple causes can be responsible such as having a bad lifestyle which includes absence of minimum workout on a daily basis, absence of healthy and hygienic diet, poor lifestyle routines such as going to bed late, etc.

With this incline the requirements of health related services, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc has also increased. Thus Mymercy has been introduced to make all the health related services available to you at any time and anywhere. You can avail these services by using its official portal or by downloading the application in your mobile phones, PC’s, laptops, i pads or other electronic devices which have access to the internet.

What is Mymercy?


MyMercy is an internet-enabled service which enables you to get in direct contact with the health care team of Mymercy. It makes all the information related to your health available to you online which you can access whenever you wish.

Using any of your devices which have internet availability, you can create your account or you can login to your account in case you already have an account at MyMercy.


It enables you to examine the results of your medical tests, your medications prescribed by the doctor and the summary of the state of your current health.

You can manage your health related information and communicate with the doctor.

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With the assistance of MyMercy you can also schedule appointments with the concerned doctors. Moreover you have access to fill the forms before the arrival and renew prescriptions anytime and anywhere.

By using this application, you are also allowed to share you health information with other health organizations in case it is required.

Why Should One Prefer This App?

A free and secure application:- this is an app to which you can have access for free. You are not required to pay anything before, during or after the registration. It is basically a free online service provided to its patients.

It is agreeable:- it is an app which is available to you 24/7. It offers a lot of aspects such as the ability to review test results, prescriptions and health related history.

Stay connected with your physician :- The app allows you to maintain contact with your doctors as you can manage your appointments whenever you want.

Paying bills:- You can view your bills and pay them on the app itself without going anywhere.

Data processing:- You are allowed to upload or update your information regarding your health and fitness. With this you will be able to stay up to date with your personal health details.

Moreover you can create health reminders in this mobile application which will assist you to keep your goals on track.

It also allows you to have access to your family member’s account to view their health related details. You can also get in touch with their doctors and clinics.

Steps to Create an Account on Mymercy

To gain benefits from this app, you will have to first create an account on the portal

If you are having any query then you can contact at (1-888-986-3729).

To be able to become a part of MyMercy, you will be required to provide the app or portal with the following details.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • A working email address
  • Date of birth
  • User ID (8-16 characters, letters and numbers only)
  • Password (8-16 characters, letters and numbers only)
  • Your junior high school and elementary school name
  • Your billing ID
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Now, the initial step is to become a patient of Mercy by fixing an appointment online. After this you will be able to create an account.

After this there are 4 diversified procedures for the registration at MyMercy.

Basic details of the patient – It includes interrogating the patient to know basic information about him/her.

MyMercy Access Code – It includes the utilization of a 15 digit code which provides the patients with the access to the app.

MyMercy Billing Account – In this you are permitted to make use of your account number from a previous Mercy bill.

Insurance Member ID – This includes using your insurance member ID that you got on your recent visit at mercy.

These credentials are used to ensure that you are associated with the correct medical record.

Mymercy:- a safe and secure app

In this mobile application the access to details is controlled by a secured process which includes the use of codes, personal IDs and passwords.

As mentioned above one cannot access his/her account without password.

The MyMercy application operates on the latest technology that does not store any personal health details of the patients.

Unlike emails all information is delivered and received on the site or app itself.

Basic Terms of Use of Mymercy

The website or application is for non-commercial use that means for personal use.

The website is not an alternative to the medical advice provided by your medical care team.

Mymercy is not responsible for any harm or loss caused by its use.

Copyright information:- all the content available on mymercy is of the portal, application and its licensors.

The Types of Access That You Are Required to Provide to the App

Location: The application can use your location so that it can get the information like at what time (approx) you will arrive for the appointment. Sharing your location will also enable the app to provide you with your nearest medical health center.

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Camera: The app may access your camera to take photos or get video in case of video visits. You can choose whether you wish to make use of pictures Or provide them with the file attachments.

Microphone: The app also needs access to your microphone in order to get access to audio for video visits.

Storage: The app may access the storage of your device so that it can read and write files and photos that you may use in the Service. These documents may be used in the form of attachments.

Bluetooth: You are also required to give access to your device’s Bluetooth to the app so that it can detect nearby devices. This will provide the app with the information of the timings when you arrive for an appointment.

Phone: The app can also have access to your phone numbers which are displayed in the app.

Note:- The app will not store any of your data from phone, bluetooth, storage, etc. It will not make any unofficial use of it.

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