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About the Company

The Lowe’s Company is an American retail company which is popularly known as Lowe’s.

It is a company which exclusively focuses on home improvements.

The headquarters of the company are in Mooresville which is in North Carolina.

The company is responsible for the functioning of a series of wholesale shops. Its operation is done mainly in two countries i.e the United States and Canada.

Since 28th of October, 2022, Lowe’s and its interconnected trades are running more than 2000 shops related to home improvements and hardware in North America.

Lowe’s is the secondly prominent and appreciable hardware chain in the United States, after The Home Depot.

In addition to this, it is the second most considerable hardware chain in the globe.

Now, the question is why is it beneficial to be a part of Lowe’s?

Advantages of Lowe’s

It’s a pleasure to be a part of this company for its employees as it provides them various welfare and pension schemes to provide them with the guarantee of their well-being at all times.

Along with these they also get some other advantages of being a part of Lowe’s which are as follows:-

Health plan which includes dental plans, vision plans and many more.

Life insurance:- It includes basic term life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, business travel accident insurance, etc of the employees.

Income protection benefits:- After health and life insurance benefits, there comes income protection benefits which includes basic sick pay, short term disability insurance and long term disability insurance.

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Retirement benefits:- This plan is designed in order to help the employees to get a secured future.

Time off benefits:- These benefits include vacation and holidays to the employees.

Access to a Flexible Spending Account

Auto and home insurance

Access to health savings account

Various critical illness plans and numerous other advantages.

Myloweslife has been established by Lowe’s.

The myloweslife portal has been designed for the sake of its employees.

Information Provided at the Portal of Myloweslife

It is an official portal for Lowe’s employees, which permits them to access their work related information anytime and anywhere.

The employees can have information regarding their meeting schedules, their bonuses and other employee related benefits and pay stubs which refers to a proper record of the amounts of money or salary that the employees receive and the part of their salary that was removed due to the imposition of taxes, etc.

Moreover, it also allows its users to edit their personal details such as contact related information, residence details(in case of any change in the address) and many more.

It provides them with the assurance that they will receive all kinds of assistance associated with their work whenever they want. The users of myloweslife also have access to their trade-related emails.

Now, What is the Lowes Kronos App? Is It a Part of Lowe’s?

The answer is “yes” as in recent times Lowe’s has relocated the services related to its employees to a mobile application which has been labeled as Lowes Kronos.

Any person who is an associate of Lowe’s has access to his/her work related information on this application which they can use whenever they want through their smartphones.

But in order to use this smartphone app, you are required to login by using your Lowe’s server ID which is provided to you by the management via email or message.

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This login can also be done on the website of Lowe’s Kronos which is labeled as

Contact Information of MyLowesLife

In case of any query you have access to get in a telephonic conversation with the members of MyLowesLife.

If you are residing in the United States, then you can contact the Lowe’s benefit center on (844-475-6937) and in case you are living abroad then you can have a word with a professional at this number 1-312-843-5251.

The point to be noted is that one must call them within the working hours i.e 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (from Monday to Friday).

A Common Organizational Platform

With the assistance of MyLowesLife Login account, all its employees whether they are fresh or former employees, can share a common organizational platform for all the information related to their data which includes work schedules, job and email reviews, performance management, retirement related plans, transaction details and even information regarding the newer postings. They can get all the latest Lowe’s updates within seconds.

The portal also allows them to take benefits of several services offered by Lowe.

In case any of its members wants to shift from his/her present job to another job which can make him/her follow his/her interests is achievable as the process of moving from one job to another is a smooth and straight forward process at the official MyLowesLife portal.

In order to enable this shift, the employees are required to apply for the position that they wish to move to at the portal itself.

Steps to Login at Myloweslife

In order to make each and every employee comfortable with this portal which is important to make their work-life easier, its use and login process can be explained in simple words.

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So If you are a member of MyLowesLife, you are allowed to follow the below mentioned steps to open up your account and access all of your information at your fingertips.

Go to the official website of MyLowesLife i.e “”.

Then you are required to enter your login credentials which includes your User ID and password, at that official site.

The last step includes clicking on the ‘Login’ switch to get access to your respective account.

Lowe’s Official Terms and Conditions

You cannot use the site or its content for any unlawful purpose.

You are not allowed to modify any part or feature of the site.

You are not permitted to copy any part of the site with the written authorization of the site.

In case of any unauthenticated utilization of the account by any of its members will be considered a crime as it will be a violation of national law and the official privacy policy of the company.

In addition, the corporation has the authority to take the required steps in order to protect its official resources, legitimate employee data and other information present at the MyMyLowesLife login portal.

Thus those Lowe’s employees who want to make use of this MyLowesLife Login online account services must allow the application or the website portal to monitor their activities and they must adhere to its respective terms and policies.

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