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www.KFCListens.ca – Welcome to the KFC Canada Online Survey at the official KFC Listens website, www.KFClistens.ca. This survey’s objective is to make sure that standards and quality fulfil client needs.

Customers can redeem rewards from the KFC survey on their subsequent visit.

Introduction to www.KFCListens.ca


The Official Website KFC which is Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American brand that provides its guests with a variety of fast-food via its chain of restaurants which are available all over the world.

It is the second-largest food chain after the McDonald’s which has a number of restaurants. Moreover all the restaurants affiliated with the KFC are specialized in fried chicken.

The customers of KFC always stay connected to it as it has never changed its quality of food. Moreover it provides you with a quick response to your feedbacks, queries, etc.

At KFC Canada, you will be provided with an outlet near you, so you can always drop by to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midday snack.

You can also order something from your nearest outlet and get your preferred meal which will be delivered to you within the time period of one hour.

When we talk of chicken, there is no fast food chain that is as best as KFC in terms of scale. The company has more than twenty thousand locations all over the world with an unbelievable amount of annual revenues.

Besides serving the best chicken, The KFC Canada also provides a wide range of beverages that tastes perfect with most of the meals that you prefer.

Do you know? PFK is the name of KFC. In Canada, in accordance with the Quebec rules – Section 63 of French Language Charter, any company or enterprise should be named in French, that’s why the company KFC had to change its name to PFK that means Poulet Frit Kentuchy.

About the KFC Canada Survey

The KFC Canada Guest Experience Survey, which is carried out at the web address of www.kfclistens.ca, is basically an online form designed by KFC that provides assistance to the company to make enhancements.

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The information from the utilization of this form can assist the company to make changes at the required areas which includes services, environment of the store,products that means food items, etc.

This survey is conducted online for your comfort and convenience.

Sharing your viewpoints via this questionnaire will provide you with an opportunity to inform the company about your feelings and opinions.

Many people wish to do this when they do not feel satisfied, but the customers should keep this in mind even when the experience is good and they are feeling satisfied, then also it is necessary to inform the company as it will be an appreciation for the company and even its staff as they are the ones who take your orders and provide you service.

This will in turn motivate them and keep them positive and they will keep up their work like this. Also, if there is something that needs to be improved, the company will make changes and updates in its store in accordance with what its clients are asking for or what is their demand.

If you inform the company exactly what you would like to see in the store, then it will assist them to do this. By sharing your opinions through the KFC Canada Guest Experience Survey, you will also be receiving a KFC gift for free on your next purchase.

KFC Conducts the KFClistens Canada survey or KFC Canada Survey in order to get the honest opinion and genuine feedback of the customers. Overall this survey assists in finding out about customer satisfaction.

KFC Canada Guest Experience Survey provides the participants with a platform through which they can share their unique feedback and this will ultimately assist the company to serve them better the next time.

Once you complete the KFClistens Canada survey form , you will get the surety that the next time you visit the place, your experience will be better and memorable.

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After the successful completion of the survey, you will be receiving a reward such as Free Small PopCorn Chicken or you can also get a Strawberry Cheesecake when you make a purchase for the next time.

You will just be required to share your real experience and honest and genuine opinion.

About the survey in short

  • The name of the survey is KFC Canada Guest Experience survey.
  • The web address of the survey os l is http://www.kfclistens.ca.
  • Reward of completing the survey is that you will be getting a choice of a Free Small Popcorn Chicken or a Strawberry Cheesecake.
  • Your receipt will be valid for the time period of 7 Days.
  • The offer will expire within 14 Days or two weeks.
  • Only 1 person can make use of one receipt.

Requirements to carry out the www.KFCListens.ca

In order to submit the e form of the KFC CANADA SURVEY t via its official portal, then you will be required to fulfill some of the basic needs which are mentioned below.

  • First of all, you will be required to make a purchase.
  • Then, you will be required to have any one of the electronic devices such as laptop, iPad, computer, smartphone, etc.
  • Along with an electronic device you must have a guide internet connection.
  • You must be dost to understand and comprehend English or French language.
  • You must have a recent KFC receipt from a participating store.
  • You must be 16 years old or above.
  • You must be a legal citizen of Canada.
  • With one receipt only one survey will be allowed, this you will be provided with only one reward.
  • You will not be allowed to ask cash for your KFC ca coupon code.
  • After getting your receipt, you will be required to take the survey within the time period of 7 days.
  • You will not be permitted to exchange your offer for something else.
  • In case you are an employee of KFC Canada or a friend and relative, then you will not be allowed to participate.

Process of the www.KFCListens.ca

  • First of all, you will be required to visit any KFC Canada Store or outlet.
  • Then you will be making a purchase from the store.
  • You will need to keep your receipt with you after the visit.
  • Then you will be opening the official website of the KFClistens survey of Canada on the web address of kfclistens.ca on the browser of any of your electronic devices having access to the internet.
  • After opening the portal,you will need to add your Store Number first.
  • Then, you will be selecting the correct date of your visit which will be mentioned on your receipt.
  • After that, you will be entering the time of your visit which will be there on your receipt.
  • Then, you will be clicking on the Continue button.
  • After this you will be directed to a new page on the portal where you will need to answer KFC about the nature of your visit such as Dine, Drive-Thru, Delivery, Take Away, etc.
  • After this, some questions will be displayed on your screen, and you will be providing answers to them one by one.
  • Then, you will need to remember your visit to the nearest KFC and rate your overall satisfaction from the options or choices which will be mentioned.
  • Then, you will be required to rate your satisfaction level with the Food, Staff, Service, Environment, Cleanliness, etc.
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(Note:- you must give honest answers to all the KFC Feedback Survey and answer each and every question according to the level of your knowledge and ability).

  • Then, at the end of the survey you will be required to provide your contact details.(your active phone number And valid email address).
  • Then, you will finish the survey by submitting your overall feedback.
  • At the end, you will be receiving a reward coupon for Strawberry Cheesecake or Free Small Popcorn Chicken.

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