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We created this blog to help consumers around the world find health and beauty products sold online. Spicevienna is a group of enthusiasts who have taken the responsibility of finding and analyzing product information from various sources:

  • Official website of the seller/manufacturer.
  • Expert assessments.
  • Consumer reviews.
  • Analysis of the quality of ingredients.

How is Testing Done?

Reviewers use specialized medical and scientific literature, clinical trial reports, and other information to form the most independent opinion about a product. We have collected for you the main innovations in the nutritional supplement market over the past few years. The main focus is on herbal nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, weight loss products, cosmetics, as well as products for active sports and recreation.

At the first stage, the analysis of data about the product takes place, information about the manufacturer, form of release, specification is studied. Information from the official website of the seller is often oversaturated with advertising promises that do not always correspond to reality. To give you more objective facts, we collect information from 10 or more sources: blogs, review sites, social networks, and so on.

At the second stage, a thorough study of the ingredients takes place. This makes it possible to evaluate the prospects for using a particular product and compare it with the properties declared by the manufacturer.

At the third stage, we compare the product with the nearest competitors in terms of price, quality, efficiency and customer reviews.

At the fourth stage, the generalization of all data and the formation of conclusions take place. The results of your choices are beyond our control, but we will endeavor to provide up-to-date information only. Be sure to match product information with real facts and expert opinion.


Although we try our best to provide readers with only honest and verified product information, the opinion expressed by the author of the article is subjective and should not be used as an alternative to expert opinion. The actual composition of the ingredients, the color or shape of the packaging of the product may differ from those shown in the picture. In some cases, we may receive a commission when you click on a link to a merchant's site. We strongly recommend that you refrain from using any dietary supplement or nutrition if you are in doubt about safety or quality. If you have a chronic disease or a tendency to allergies, be sure to consult your doctor before using the product.